Zip Rings A Better Way to Floss
How many times are you going to try the next big thing for the first time; enjoy an awesome experience for the first time; learn that special nugget of knowledge for first time, only to utter that oh-so-familiar phrase: I only wish I had -- you fill in the blank -- it sooner?  Zip Rings patented dental floss holder is a true innovation in the way to grip, store and dispense ordinary dental floss. It’s quite simply a better way to floss
Now here's your chance to finally get ahead of the game and be “in the know” an “insider” an “early adopter” a “first mover” a “trend setter”, a “visionary” a “leader”…you get the picture.  Join the growing number of our like-minded customers in all 50 states and 33 countries around the world. Carpe diem!